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March 29, 2004


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Steve Tills
"First cursory thots, Best thoughts," though, of course, so, Dang, you're a pretty darn good "critic" or, more accurately, perhaps, a dang good "reader" in my opinion. Excellent Reading and insight I find very useful indeed. :) P.S. Again, it's a really neat poem or, what are you all calling this sort of thing, a hay(na)ku, or something. Ditto the one Crag's got below, too.
tom beckett
Steve, I can't speak for Crag but I read this as a _productively_ ambiguous poem. That is, it can be read a variety of ways but it's not going to settle down into obdurate "meaning". And that's precisely what I like about it. Although, a simple interpretation might be that the "she" written of is recoiling from the light of dawn as a result of the architectures she inhabits and which inhabit her. The outside coming at her like a stoning, like an assault. I dunno. I'm not much of a critic. Just my cursory first thoughts.
Steve Tills
Again, this is very, very good poem (in one nasty paranoid mind of mine I think to myself, "Crag, you shouldn't post some of the really, really good ones. Someone might rip them off...). Does "aching of architecture" speak a little to that stuff I'm seeing about "the poetics of architecture," or something like? Of course, whether it does or not, doesn't make any difference. This is a really neat poem, Dude!
Steve Tills
I don't what this means, exactly, but I sure do love it. :)Steve

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