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June 04, 2004


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Barbara Richards
Dear Crag, Is score no. 19 followed by Spore 2.0 and will the next issue be Spore 2.1? I think I may have finally figured this out>. Who knows?
Gustave Morin owes me money the embers last train to windsor american roots the weapon is clean I lick the special words. fa lethal xl.
Jack Foley
Dear Crag, Hope this finds you well. I'm doing a California time line book and I'd like some info about SCORE. When you began it, contributors, what sort of distribution, readership--anything you can think of that might be useful. Everything on my end is pretty much the same except that it is intensified--more of everything. Sean turns thirty-one today! All Best, Jack Jack Foley 2569 Maxwell Avenue Oakland, CA 94601-5521 phone: 510-532-3737 fax: 510-436-0829
Crag H. ::: i don't seem to have very much luck reaching you. i've tried emailing you several times, and i've tried postcarding and lettermailing you several times also. granted, my frequency can sometimes be spotty, but so it goes. i mainly here want to get a message to you that i did not receive score 19 -- see, i've had this problem for the last year; the secure mailbox through which all my mail has been routed getting on so many many years now, is now bust. the government, or someone, steals everything sent me. its a drag. (they're just magazines of my concrete poetry, leave them alone!) anyhow, the new address, and if i could implore you to resend, is gustave morin 3277 sandwich street, windsor ontario, n9c 1a9 canada. anyhow, i'm proud after all these years to finally be within the pages of score. i remember trying to con you into publishing me way back in 1992. i was a pup! i'm still a pup. getting stronger every day. did you ever receive my 'a penny dreadful', published in 2003? its a great book within my small oeuvre. if so, great, if not, i gotta get one out to you. (i ask because my publishers were supposed to send you one -- you were on the list -- but they broke a lot of promises to me, as per usual... lastly, is there still time for me to get you some new work for the pages of score 20? i'd love to be a part, and most of the things you'd have in your files are easily retired at this point. the stuff you used for score 19 ended up in a penny dreadful. i think i sent you that work in 1999 while i was living in hamilton. its 2004 now, and i have a hundred new texts that are better... (had i known you had intended on using them down the road, i'd've credited you as such in p.dreddy. o well. next time.) anyhow, that's it for this message. i remember once posting something to you here re: van / hat, so i know you get these messages... get back to me, please. 23 skidoo! gustave m.

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