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June 27, 2004


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Alex Barr
Fishguard Arts Society are doing an exhibition in August of members' paintings based on five poems. No-one knows how this will turn out! You can check progress on the FAS website.
Astrid Appels
Sylvia Plath wrote a series of poems based on paintings by Klee, Rousseau and De Chirico for ARTnews magazine. These poems can be found in her Collected Poems series. Also check out Kathleen Connors' Eye Rhymes on Plath's intermediality. A.Appels
Brueghel bagpipe maker:Duco Sminia
It would be VERY interesting to see what people come up with when they look at brueghel's paintings. I myself make bagpipes that have been backwards-engineerd from paintings, primarily brueghel's paintings. I am always wondering about the music they played on the instruments pictured. You can sort of tell if the music was happy or sad. I am not a poet, but would like to know what poetry people make up by looking at the paintings. Duco.
John Perlman
My book, SELF PORTRAIT, from Elizabeth Press, 1978, is a book abt paintings & etc. Yes, WCW's example is initiatory : everything / is a picture // to the employing eye / that feeds restlessly to / find peace. That on the cover of Tahjian's 1978 catalogue for the Whitney Museum show : WCW and the American Scene 1920-1940.
Michael Snider
Auden: Musee des Beaux Arts Wilbur: Wyeth's Milk Cans, Museum Piece Thomas Carper: Paint, Her Portrait Dick Davis: Rembrandt's Return of the Prodigal Son, On a Painting by Guardi, On an Etching by J. S. Cotman Donald Justice: On a Picture by Burchfield, On a Painting by Patient B of the Independence State Hospital for the Insane Robert Mezey: To a Likeness of a Captain in Cromwell's Army Howard Nemerov: Breughel: The Triumph of Time Gjertrud Schnackenberg: The Self-Portrait of Ivan Generalic A. E. Stallings On Viewing an Exhibition of Paintings--The Treasures of Venice
tom beckett
I think this is a wonderful idea for a magazine issue. One of the best ideas I've heard in years. Spore, by the way, really speaks to the public health guy in me. An excellent new title, on so many levels. Hoo-ahh...

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