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September 12, 2004


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Edward Mycue
Crag, Laura Beausoleil's Philos Press (Lacey, Wa) is publishing a selection of new and used poems of mine MINDWALK 1937 TO 2007 come summer this 2007 year. 60+ poems. She's doing the choosing: has known me 35 years. Richard Steger will do the artwork (36 years for us: we were in a poets/painters exhibition at the DeRosa gallery in Napa couple of years ago w/7 of the books we collaborated on since 1973). By the way she likes this slight one included below--what do you think? Worth including? Ed SAVING GENEROUS UNTETHERED SEACOAST Yellow squash White peach Browning orange Buddha’s Hand Hot in the valley Fires in the hills White cat Obidiah I remember you It happens to you: nobody is left Sunshine over San Jose Cloud cover San Francisco Snow up near Tahoe Hope is not the last to dip Economic and emotional Needles drifting from feather pines Say goodbye, Gracie “Nighty Night” to the ocean. Everything has had its day. EDWARD MYCUE
edward mycue
crag,this menu i call my life has just raised its prices. plus, i don't want all that hotsy- totsy food anyway. howabout a simple ham and cheese on sourdough, a cup of pea soup, tomato salad, red wine & finish up with cherry pie or sliced peaches. then another glass of wine. now i read my experiences backward, forward. I'm a palinode set to a charge of misinformed dances tumbling one afteranother, a selfaffirming anthem heap. it's a mindwalk. ed
edward mycue
glad to see your website, crag. hope your are well. ed
OKies... I'm feelin' silly and kinda dense, but I don't see an email for you ANYWHERE on here, Craig. Am I just crunchy, or is it, in fact, not here to be found... Anyhoo! I see by your outfit that you are a vandal, and I'm wondrin' if there be regular-like Slams in the town that I may be movin' to, and if so, are they 21 and over thingies or can I bring my young mentees (wicked poets under the age of 18, all)?

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