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June 29, 2005


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Larry Sawyer
Thanks for putting up the link to Hibbard's review of my chapbook. As far as I know, poetic inhalation folded, which is a shame. Here's a link to the same review at Jacket though... Best, LS
Steffany Caria
Good morning, Mr. Hill, I apologize in advance if this is an inappropriate place to contact you. Our Library has a subscription to Score. We recently received issue no.18 and found we were missing issue no.17. Would you be willing to send us a copy of the no.17 issue to complete our Library's holdings of your journal? It is a unique journal and has a proud place in our Library. We wish to have as complete a holding of these important works as possible. Thank you for your assistance and hope you have a nice day! Steffany Caria UC Davis Shields Library Serials Records (530) 752-2608 Library Mailing Address: Serials Records Section University Library University of California Davis Campus Davis, CA 95616-5292

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