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November 01, 2005


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Actually, I seem to remember that you helped out with some of the Xerox Sutra Editions books too, tho I don't have a good enough memory to remember which. I took a 6 year leave of absence from paper publishing, focussing only on web & interactive hypermedia, from about 96-02. Going to the VisPo conference that JMB put on at Ohio State & running into all the folks who I published over the years, seeing what they were doing now, sucked me back into print publishing again. I have to confess that I love the design & production part but dealing with distribution & promotion still are very foreign to my temperment—this is one aspect that the net is vastly more efficient.
hi - yea it's all about the paper for me. when i print anything or get a new book done, i still look forward to that moment when you can sit down and react to the pages, the words and images bouncing off each other, i love the book package. 20 years along and it is still the big thrill . the internet is great for somethings and i'm having a hoot with the blog but it is still all about the the little books and mags, the house is getting filled up and that is ok still in love with paper dfb
Alex Gildzen
on my last trip back to Kent I passd Commercial Press. I was still a teenager when I was shown type lice in that building. & later I actually ran the linotype machine. smell of ink & sound of presses. powerful stuff. but the building was empty. after decades of printing the company cd no longer make a go of it. I love publishing online. but to have in hand a broadside that you can feel... to have fingers touch welts type put to page is a small miracle.

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