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February 13, 2006


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jared lien
They say to compare this poem to Lord of the Flies: Listen to what THEY say, and tell me what you think. THR33 Gifts For You: (one) - Family Circus meets the Old Gods. (two) - The piece I told you about. Howard FRIED. (three) A man is walking down a beach. It's sandy and wet, and he curls his toes in the moist ground with each step. Little rocks, shells, and starfish are strewn about him, and the salty air is like a cloak, heavy on his shoulders. He reaches a small tide pool, where he sees off to his left a small pier. Wooden planks - some missing - small sailing vessels tied off to it's rungs. He had hastened past it when he heard a loud ripping noise, like tearing paper behind him. The man spun around aburtly just in time to see the very same dock from before leap from a time hole with a large knife. This dock from the future procedded to stab it's past self to death before phasing away. The man turned around and kept walking while wondering to himself, "I wonder what you'd call that." -- A-pair-o-docks -- - Joke skeleton credit to Kiel Howe.

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