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May 22, 2006


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tony christy
i attended the spare room reading-enjoyed sound/simul pieces. Live in portland-Attend CalArts grad-am a social worker by trade. Since late 80's involved in numerous (dare I say) experi. proj. as such involving-food/gutteral discharge, simul-statics, rants, messy shapes, mis-readings singly/chorally diluted-exteriorized (environmental poetic actions- vein of Euro public poets (A. Arias Misson, etc. Im currently working on text-based vignettes( less semio-anarchic pieces)cabalistic rearrangements of the everyday-(a bit like theWittgenstein influenced later(messier)Vienna Group(Kinderoper)-Konrad Bayer, H.C. Artmann- the vignetttes along with a disposable collection of (sub)poetic debris-(half speak-I call it)-a bit like John M. Bennett's subconstructs-but less neologistic- are used in (dis) accordance with other varying elements ; looped chants/chanson-discordant song/butterflies/tree trunks etc. (all apart of a devised (ha) "literary cabaret" SPRATS LA FINGER) Let me know if there is another anti-reading planned-or something of the sort-I'll be here throughout the summer- tony christy

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