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May 17, 2006


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David Abel
Off what's left of the top of my head: On the Shining Screen of the Eyelids, by Josely Vianna Baptista (translated by Chris Daniels; Manifest Press); Pen Chants or nth or 12 Spirit-like Impermanences by Lissa Wolsak (Roof); The Theatre of the Ears by Valere Novarina (Sun & Moon); The Holy Forest by Robin Blaser (Coach House); Spring Essence by Ho Xuan Huong (translated by John Balaban; Copper Canyon); The Cane Groves of Narmada River (City Lights); and Erotic Love Poems of India (Shambhala; both translated by Andrew Schelling); Huge Haiku by David McAleavey (Chax); Marginalien by Alan Halsey (Five Seasons); Eunoia by Christian Bok (Coach House).
If you have not read it: Sound and Form in Modern Poetry by Robert McDowell is an excellent survey of prosody....
Frank Sauce
This might not be up your alley, but Casey Kwang's "Copia" on Pinball Publishing is astounding, but then again, you seem to like the poetic/pretentious stuff, so you may disagree. If you haven't read Rachel Blau DuPlessis' currently collected "Drafts:", I would highly recommend it. And since you're reading Wittgenstein, you should read Zukofsky, if you haven't. Witt's "Zettel" is really where it's at for me. He seems to undermine so much of his philosophy in these scraps and fragments. In the end, "form is content," meaning and intention cannot be conveyed through content or contextually form soley conveys intention ~FS
Dan Waber
Ooops, that's The Temperature of this Water, by Ishle Yi-Park. My bad. It was late.
Dan Waber
I can recommend three books of poetry that ripped my socks off in the last few months: Vivas, by Mairead Byrne The Color of this Water, by Ishle Yi-Park Jigsaweyesore, by Barbara DeCesare "Wow" to all three. Also, the winter 1986 issue of Visible Language is currently knocking my socks off.

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