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July 26, 2006


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Crag Hill
Tommers Please do check out Gander's Eye Against Eye. Perhaps a head's up: The first half was initially unengaging -- I was disappointed, had much much much looked forward to Gander's new collection (jazzed to find it in Schwartz' Books in Milwaukee) -- then the book soared starting with the Sally Mann sequence. Re-read and re-read those poems, then re-read the first half. Then re-read the whole thing. Then browsed, gazed and grazed on ambrosia....The book grows and glows! As it stands now: this is one of those few books I can't put on the shelf (Vanishing Points is still one of those unshelved books; it's on the table behind me as I type, ready for perusal at moment's notice). Minus "Burning Tower, Standing Wall," reprinted from The Blue Rock Collection, Eye Against Eye kicks my fucking ass. (Just started to read the Gander/Kent Johnson exchange in/about/of /on Chile in Jacket, which, first impression, I'd recommend if you haven't read it yet). Speaking of reading, Debord's Spectacle has led me to his other situationist writings to Kristeva to Bataille (Blanchot's on the horizon) to... Working through the Cavell and Deleuze/Guattari you recommended. Have ordered Wolsak. In short, a huge thank you. Reading this summer has kicked my ass. Thinking big time I'm going to resent giving up every day 3-4 hours reading (as well as all the hours spent with nutty Noemi and firecracker Liam and writing) for the flurry of student papers/class readings. Pondering ways to make a change in the next year...
tom beckett
Thanks for the lead, Monsieur. I'm gonna check this book out.

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