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November 14, 2006


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Christian Kuboushek
You bring up some very interesting questions about accountability in the classroom. If the teacher isn't engaging the students should we really be counting on the students to engage the teacher? I'm a big believer that there needs to be more classroom observation to ensure our children are getting the education we're all paying for!
John Tenny, Ph.D.
I read a research article that stated that teachers ask approximately 45 questions in 15 minutes; students ask 3. In my observation of classrooms and teacher/student behavior I use software (that I wrote) to track numerous behaviors related to questioning -- i.e. What the level of questions that students are answering (not what teachers are asking)? Answer: uniformly low, and the data is a big surprise to the teachers. See my blog at for more thoughts on data-based observations
I do think the American culture does lack in the ability to question, But I believe its more then that. I believe its more so lacking the ability to gather, and to act on our thoughts. One of Americas most brilliant traits is its so called 'mixing pot' but its also our downfall, because everyone is so different we lack the ability to gather as citizens. We tend to believe if that we need one 'unified Idea' that encompasses all other Ideas, (ei, Christianity and Islamic, democrats and Republicans, heterosexual and Homosexual) These polarized groups keep us from acting on our thoughts in the way that we don't feel like we can operate with people who we share Ideas with, but don't share our 'unified idea' The less backing an Idea has the less its going to work. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The other thing that keeps us from organizing and gathering for a common cause, is lack of interest because although we might not believe in something, but it doesn't effect us, so we disregard it. Out of sight out of mind. The perfect example is the war. Although it shares strikingly similarities with Vietnam, It lacks the total uproar Vietnam had. College campus's rose in revolt, young people were in the streets protesting. Because young people had something to lose, possibly their life. But with the army being completely volunteer(which is a good thing I do believe) at the moment their is nothing we have no worries, and in response, a lack of response.

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