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November 19, 2007


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Steve Tills
This is the strangest thing... You mention that mIEKAL aND is a.k.a. for Michael Anderson... Well, you know, I know that mIEKAL aND has been around for a long time and I have read posts of his at EPC and I know that you and he and others who know both of you very well are all very familiar with each other and probably shocked that somebody like me never has actually corresponded with mIEKAL aND or met him, NOT that I wouldn't be Very Happy To, just that it has never happened that way... Which brings me to something I am dying to ask: Is Michael Anderson a.k.a. mIEKAL aND one and the same Michael Anderson that my buddy Steve Farmer used to know really well in the bay area 2+ decades ago? Shoot, Steven used to talk a lot when we used to get together (often, Friday nights, I had to be in Berkeley, so I used to stop over and visit him and his wife Kim in Albany) about one of his friends, "Michael Anderson," whom I had remembered "reading" but never met. He said that his friend Michael Anderson moved down to Los Angeles at some point or another and kind of left the loop of bay area stuff. Same person? Or is Michael Anderson a.k.a. mIEKAL aND an entirely different pomer, longtime poet, everybody knows and that I'd like to meet, be introduced to, someday, to fill in one of the "embarrassing gaps" I just haven't ever had the occasion to be able to fill...

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