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January 27, 2008


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Ned Condini
Ned Condini, writer translator and literary critic, was the recipient of the PEN/Poggioli Award for his versions of poet Mario Luzi (New York, 1986) and of the Bordighera Prize for his rendering of Jane Tassi's ANDSONGSONGSONGLESSNESS (Boca Raton, Florida, 2002). In 1972 Gribaudi published his experimental novel, The Descent, Turin, Italy. He was literary reviewer for the daily Stampa Sera (Turin) and foreign correspondent for L’Avvenire (Milan). Short stories and poems of his have appeared in TRANSLATION, New York, THE MISSISSIPPI REVIEW, PRAIRIE SCHOONER (Nebraska), THE PARTISAN REVIEW,MID-AMERICAN REVIEW (Bowling Green, Ohio), NEGATIVE CAPABILITY (Mobile, Alabama), ITALIAN AMERICANA (Rhode Island), YIP REVIEW (Yale, Connecticut), CHELSEA and THE VILLAGE VOICE (New York). In 1991, Anterem published his second novel, ELDORADO. In November 2002 Condini placed first in the Winning Writers War Poetry Contest, New York. In September 2004 Chelsea Editions published his selection of Giorgio Caproni's poetic works, THE EARTH’S WALL. In January 2006 Condini was awarded first prize in the short fiction contest, Writers of North Carolina, Asheville. In February 2008 Chelsea published his translation of Carlo Betocchi’s poetic works, AWAKENINGS, and in May, 2008, PublishAmerica came out with his third novel, THE CAULDRON. For the MLA, New York, Condini has just completed an anthology of Modern and Contemporary Italian Poetry. With his wife Marilyn and two calicoes, he lives in Western North Carolina, a few miles away from Carl Sandburg’s home, Connemara. Dear Editor: I have two poetry books ready (86 pages long). Would you be interested in seeing them by e-mail? Kindly let me know. Ned Condini

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