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August 10, 2010


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Ed Baker
Crag I dropped out 100 % 1975 through 1998 (did I miss much?) so I wasn't "there" when you collected all of this "stuff" since I've been more or less "back" (since then) I feel that i am Lost In The Phun House w out a paddle my greatwest desire is to drop out agan/now but feear that if i so do this time when i drop back in I'll be dead! thanx for clearing all up this my re:putation depends upon as I want to approach these things: literally and consequentially.
Crag Hill
Ed: This is a reissue of a SCORE 16, first published in 2001, not a recent project. It's incomplete for sure--I think there's still a HUGE need for a major study of the short poem. I'm not sure how I missed your work when I was collecting in the 1990s; I spread my nets pretty wide I thought. There was also a ton of work if I had the money to buy rights to I would have included. I also envisioned publishing each poem on its own page--the poems deserved it. I reluctantly brought out the collection through SCORE; I had no other avenues and the work had been gathering too much dust. I offer that 2001 issue now as a free e-book so the poems are read--there're no good on my shelf/in my files. Maybe it will spawn work on that much-needed "complete" study. Best, Crag
Ed Baker
glad that I didn't "make the cut" must be that I forgot to send you my yearly/annual dues! many here-in that I would be 'tickled' to be included with... and would have given you permission to publish or republish something of mine.... minus most of the "group" you embrace, many more included in your anthology who I wouldn't/don't care to be ... well.. a member of their "club" or "school" visually thinking that y'all are steeped in VISPO, gosh, you could have presented things visually appealing and gotten things at least placed on each page IN IT S OWN SPACE this lulu thing like Microsoft a colossal cancer!

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